Tuesday, 14 April 2020

In the meantime...

Still labouring under "essential worker" which brings me no end of grief. Compared to actual essential workers--doctors, nurses, those on food production lines--sittting in Cubicle Land moving paperwork from one end of the desk to the other, when I should be at home 'doing my bit', leaves me feeling shameful.  Shame on two fronts: one, we are making widgets, not performing lung transplants; two, I want to be at home participating in the quarantine front. I want clean closets and homemade bread, too.

The garden, the TBR pile, the closets, the laundry pile all cry out for my attention. I despair at having to set the alarm and sneak (yes, sneak!) out of the driveway each morning while neighbours slumber. And we're now all fighting for the office fridge, kettle, and microwave.  The Widget-Maker will have none of the recommended working-from-home or staggered hours or protocols that seem to have been adopted by every other business out there. 

Would it be too much to ask people to wash their hands? We all remember what happened when I boldy suggested we all empty our coffee pod from the machine.  Do I dare suggest we consider hygiene in the time of plague?

Managed to secure some daffs before the wind and snow(gasp!) descend upon us.  'Accumulation' is a very dirty word come mid-April. Flowers and Easter chocolate may see us through.

I hear the ding of the toaster oven and it's my turn at the grill. Green pasta and sardines, again. It was all that was left post-panic buying. 

More on this, anon.