Tuesday, 5 June 2018

May: plants, pollen, and politics---in brief.

Nature never disappoints.

Unless it tree pollen season and you've gone through 10 boxes of tissues and several thousand milligrammes of antihistamines.  Having spent most of Spring incapacitated by plague, it is good to see mid-June on the horizon.  

Life's little stressors:  pollen, squirrels digging up the garden, and politicians knocking on your door.


Blink and you miss Spring in this country.  How many pairs of shoes, jackets, and dresses go unworn because we jump from 6C to 38C in a matter of a week?


Candy Tuft


Albion Falls

The trails were in good shape despite the rain and it's good to stretch the legs on the noon hour. Just learned that the chipmunk is not a herbivore.


Albion side trail
Hikers are still ignoring all the signs--the eyesores--and can be found at the bottom of the falls in need of a high-angle rescue.  Let them go over, if they insist, but charge them for the rescue. Hit them where it counts--the pocket book.


In between all the sniffles, a book was begun. It has been a long time since a novel drew me in so quickly. Perry has written a Gothic murk of a book.

Mark the calendar; the young lad and I broke bread together.  Korean BBQ can be overwhelming as plates of food come at you like Fantasia and it's a juggling act to eat everything while it's still hot and perfectly grill your food. This BBQ is not for the slow eater as there is simply too much, too soon.  Allow three hours to do it justice. Pro-tip--cook the short ribs, first.

Korean BBQ


And with the news this past weekend that Wynne has conceded the election--one week before the vote--this leaves me in a tough position.  I am opposed to strategic voting but, for the first time, may have to go against the conscience. The Greens should have better representation in the house and it was a mistake not to have included them in the debates. And the Liberals are adrift. Like Harper, it is unfathomable to have Ford in the high seat. Minority government it must be.

Until Thursday, then.