Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Showing January The Door.

Lots of moaning and groaning from the masses about how crap January was.   Here are some positive notes.

New Year’s Full Monty breakfast with family

The moment when you nearly spend $445 on a night of Wagner

Crisp, clear, star-filled evenings

Planning theatre season

When the past comes to find you


Gift of vanilla, from away

Books that make you laugh and cry and frighten you all in one chapter

Vampires with a conscience

Someone offered up their space in the grocery line

Brown-butter cod

Tending new plants

The Thomson snuff bottles

Alisa Siegel docs

The minutiae of other people’s lives

Tabatha Southey columns

No significant snowfall, month #3

Duck sausage

Catharsis in the dental chair II

Mint-condition used books

Cauliflower frenzy

That people flock to an art gallery to look at Turner paintings

Warm chocolate-chip cookies at the Young Centre


European church bells playing Bowie


Scotch pies

Frederick and cookbooks

Palin Humour

Treated to lunch

The Galloway Giggle

Kathy Bates, who never disappoints

Harwood wine with pasta-the memory of Prince Edward County in a bottle

Fiery-pink morning skies

The legacy of actors and musicians

Toronto commute in under an hour-first time in a long time

Community activism


That $60 shirt I got for $15

January 31 and still steeped in Xmas atmosphere