Thursday, 7 January 2016

Resolutions-work in progress

Saskatoon- downtown wall

These include, but are not limited to:  Stratford, Shaw Fest, PEC, food moments, personal rants, books, and so on.
In progress...
#2  Sit up straight.  Have you seen your reflection in a storefront window, lately?
#3  Embrace the half-way point to fifty. (There is a novel waiting to happen.)
#4  Clear the backlog of books.
#5   Embrace the Taoist approach to commuting and the hours between 9 and 5. 

#5.5 Millennials--there are ways to deal with them.

#5.5.1 It's all in the language of the Millennials.  Words have become meaningless.   Several weeks of therapy and self-medication later...

#  What of the people who are behaving like Millennials but are pushing forty?

#  Separate post needed on Millennials.

#6  Cooking.  Indulge yourself in the kitchen. There really is no excuse.

#7  No Darwinism before noon. "What about the apes?" Over and over, again. It's a common ancestor, people.

#8  If they want to talk about hockey at the water-cooler, then let it be so.  No one wants to be cultured.

#9  See #4.  Have just bought two new books.

#10  Finish the patio project.

#11  Herbs

#12 Organize 45 years worth of photos.

#13  TBC