Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Vincent Price~Treasury of Recipes~50th Anniversary Cookalong

I enjoy the idea of democratizing cooking and eating.  Bringing good food to your table in whatever form or scale is something we should all strive for.  It was Mr. Price’s philosophy that good food can be enjoyed by all and TREASURY OF GREAT RECIPES nicely encapsulates this thought.
To fully explore the Treasury anniversary, do please check out all the links within and below this post.  SILVER SCREEN SUPPERS is your go-to guide for the recipes and there you will find the link for this treasury cookalong.

We last visited Price during Halloween 2013 where we dined on bacon-wrapped liver while watching the House On Haunted Hill.  Cocktail hour remains an essential part of any gathering-even if murder is in the cards.

Brunch with Muffins a la Posada, Buckingham Eggs, & Mushrooms Marie-Victoire

I chose three dishes from the Treasury: Blueberry Muffins a la Posada, Buckingham Eggs, and Champignons Marie-Victoire.  Please visit AMAZON to pick up your copy and discover for yourself the passion for food that been illustrated through both the book and by Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers.  
It has become fashionable to frown on brunch but what better meal to share good food.  The leisurely pace of brunch allows company to appreciate the effort gone into even the simplest of dishes.


My reason for choosing muffins is that I’ve always felt intimidated by cake and pastry. Oh, the times a cake has been reduced to a leaden weight.  I was delighted with the results.  As luck would have it, I found the plumpest of berries.  Warm muffins and butter are a treat any time.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Too much butter”? Neither have I.  I embrace the mushroom, it is a beautiful vegetable.  Here I chose a meaty portobello. Glad to have the reminder about the grilling option. Credit to Ms. Hammerton for preparing this dish despite her reservations about mushrooms in general.

Finally, Buckingham Eggs.  As my father is fond of saying, “You can’t go wrong with cheese.”  I deviated slightly from the recipe in that I used minced anchovy in place of the paste.  Sadly I was looking for green onion to dress, but my local shops were all carrying pitiful, limp strips of green that I can only assume were Spring onion. Cream, eggs, cheese, and onion~delicious. We really enjoyed the texture and consistency.

What a delight to discover the many facets of Vincent Price.  Lots of information on all the news regarding the anniversary at  COOKING VINCENT .
Cheers to the 50th!

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