Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Doors Open, Hamilton-2015

Good to see so many people out this past weekend having a peek at some historic or restricted-access sites. I spend a lot of time looking at the outside of buildings so it's always good to get a chance to look at what's going on inside.  We were able to get out to six sites and with Mother Nature cooperating as she did, it proved a hot climb up the staircases of the first two sites.  The owner of TCA was on crutches so I'm sure he'll be glad to see the back of those. (After uploading, the pictures seem to have lost their clarity.)

TCA Architects Inc. 
boardroom fixture

one of the many pieces of art

 every office needs a lounge with a view

the floating fireplace; exposed brick and beams
THE OLD TIP TOP TAILOR-now defunct drug store which is about to undergo renovations

methadone dispensary

the infamous alley

now alley, future elevator shaft to adjoin both buildings

it was the alley that led to The Sirloin Cellar's downfall


harder to run away when the pews have doors that lock

the pipe organ-magnificent sound-insured for 1.2M

pipes at the rear of the church

main doorway

side door

the piped-in radio station must help to keep loitering at bay at the side entrance

1937 Casavant organ

with an aging, dwindling congregation, the church removed the pews and renovated to a multi-function space; a concert was planned for the evening

regimental standard; Ascension is the regimental church of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

garden form detail I

garden form detail II

This is on the tour as the property has been in farming family hands since mid-1800's and underwent extensive renovations for present-day use.

the Riesling won the day as the Cabernet has only just been bottled and found to be harsh; the chocolate sample was worth the visit; we also took home a bottle of the Baco Noir

Just because.  It has very little to do with this year's theme of architecture.
From all accounts ALPACAS  seem favourable to raising children. One can harvest wool from an alpaca! What's a child given you, lately?

Where to next?