Thursday, 28 August 2014


(Deliberate spelling of FORE WORD, by the way.)

Felled by disease, again.

After unearthing a dormant Mountain virus last September, it has been a steady cycle of colds, flu, pneumonia (with a touch of food poisoning) ending with seasonal allergies and the occasional spike of the aforementioned affections. (Not to mention the stress incurred as a direct result of neighbours.) More on this later. By mid month, I found myself laid low by a bizarre flu that made its way through everyone in Cubicle Land. This is what happens when you travel outside Ontario.

Looking outside on this Autumn-like August day, I see leaves of yellow and orange (most of them already on the ground). At the time of writing, it was overcast and cool. Have we experienced summer at all in Ontario?

Many bloggers offer up an apology for their absence and indeed there are moments when you feel you've missed some critical, non-existent deadline.  Panic sets in-what are you going to do with the three thousand pictures you took thus far? I offer no apology, just excuses; one of them being the loss of my little black book which was quite a setback. Almost like Hemingway! It's fair to say I've saved tens of thousands of dollars in therapy through writing.  But let's not bring the dogs into this too early.

Back on track and if for no other reason than mental exercise, I shall post again! (Index-finger pointed skyward for effect.)  Plus, I'd like to get rid of the piles of crap taking up real-estate in the office-bits of notes, leaflets, maps and detritus. Where is the latter half of The Cross-Country Trek? Foodie notes, experimental libations, people watching, and the ever popular borderline rant are just sitting there.

Now, where was I?