Thursday, 31 October 2013

Food Pen Pal Reveal-October

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This month’s Foodie parcel came from Lori in Orillia, ON  (my third Ontario exchange).  I travelled through Orillia last month and found some good Foodie spots-Mariposa Market and Era 67 to name a couple.  It seems I missed Patilero chocolates.  But no fear, because Lori sent along a selection of chocolate including fondue, caramels, a dark chocolate bar and hot chocolate.


Lori sent a bottle of maple syrup harvested from the family farm.  After a recent browse through the latest LCBO, I’ll be experimenting with The Fat Elvis.  Only I think mine will be Fat Elvis On A Diet.  Layers of lean English bacon, peanut butter and bananas sandwiched between two glorious slices of French toast.  We’ll top the sandwich off with Lori’s maple syrup. Stay tuned for the results.
The hot chocolate came from Soma, located in Toronto.  I’ve talked about Soma before.  If you want truffles, this is the real thing; likewise with the hot chocolate.  It’s the kind of drink that’s like ribs.  Once you’ve drunk it, you’ve got just about the same amount left over in the cup.  You boil the chocolate granules with water to form a rich and spicy liquor. You have the option of drinking it like an espresso or adding a portion of hot milk.  Very tasty.

Soma hot chocolate-the real thing

I am planning on making some after dinner mints with the chocolate bar.  (Is it really necessary to say ‘after’ dinner? We are unlikely to indulge between the soup and the entrée are we?)
Each caramel offered up a very generous square of soft, chewy goodness.  I generally go with dark chocolate but I really enjoyed the milk here.

milk caramels




I love noodles of all kinds; especially long noodles-Bucatini is a weakness as is spaghettini.   On top of all the chocolate, Lori included a package of Chinese noodles.  Soup it was.  Lots of chicken, shrimp and herbs; a nice treat for my persistent cold. (Note:  the label does state noodles are "cooking resistant".  HA!




I sent Lori apricot jam with brandy, chocolate and lemon & lime from Bisket a Basket, mung bean fettucine, a selection of loose leaf teas, caramel and chocolate covered pretzel sticks (delicious!), baking cups, napkins and a magazine from Hamilton that profiles some nice Foodie spots in the area.  Hope you enjoyed them. Let us know if you're still out there.

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