Friday, 30 August 2013

August Pen Pal Reveal

The Saskatchewan sorting office was very efficient and this month’s parcel arrived first thing last Monday. I wasted no time opening it; a great start to the week.

Lyndsay sent a selection of treats that appealed to my love of pasta, chocolate and tea.

The box included farfalle pasta (I thought immediately of Vinyl Café’s Mr. Hartman-lover of fine food including farfalle, fresh Parmesan and aged balsamic vinegar) a True Bar granola, teas and a selection of truffles from a local chocolatier, Glad’s.  Lyndsay also included her signature recipe for Turkey Pesto Meatballs. 

I boiled up some of the bow ties and used a dab of pesto for a quick weeknight dinner (goes great with a little Shiraz). I followed that up with pesto-crusted grilled salmon with scrambled eggs; a delicious breakfast.   Perhaps I will now, finally, get around to making my own pesto!  Love the smell of fresh basil.  We will try the meatball recipe on our next theme night. 

I rationed out the truffles over the next six days; enjoyed the fruit fillings very much. 

I love the packaging on the teas. Very pleasing to the eye. The bag holds its shape while steeping and the little string is bendable so it can hook on to a larger mug.  I like the decorative leaf. There is very little drip with these bags.   Enjoyed the orange spice and capped of the tea break with the last truffle.Try teaforte .

And that leaves the granola bar which I like having in for when the 10AM munchies start.  It was chock full of fruit, nuts and seeds.  Very moist and tasty.

Thank-you, Lyndsay, for putting this together and for introducing me to some new flavours.
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