Friday, 28 June 2013

June Pen Pal Reveal

Just received my parcel 5 minutes ago! And a very fragrant parcel thanks to the sweet peppercorn rub .  Had just enough time to "stage" and take a picture.  Ali in Toronto sent something for the candy dish-peppermint/ginger chews (interesting flavor combination), tea samples, a corn cob for popping, granola bars, a muffin mix, and the rub.   Looking forward to trying everything in the coming weeks.  Thank-you, Ali.

I had the opportunity to put something together for Erin in Ottawa.  Here is what I sent...

Erin has provided some very positive feedback; here’s what she had to say...

Lisa sent a  fabulous package!
I really appreciate the effort that she put it to find a product that didn't contain fish extract. It continues to amaze me the stuff that is in some products sometimes!
The recipes are fabulous!!! I love it.
I can't wait to use the curry sauce. I LOVE Indian food.
I also can't wait to bake the welsh cake and use the jam on it.  I love baking.
I love the teas and can't wait to try them. I love all kinds of tea!
The chocolate bar looks so yummy.
I love sprinkling flax seeds and chia seeds on my yogurt.
The place cards, labels and napkins just complete the fabulous package.
All the effort was much appreciated. It's a great food package.
I love Food Pen Pals!

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