Monday, 1 April 2013

The Rail Trail-Stone Church Road

Finding the Hamilton equivalent of the Northwest Passage.


Wash the windows or hike?  Hmm.  Threat of rain for Easter Sunday so decided to take advantage of the fabulous weather on Saturday.  Needed to burn off breakfast.  This portion of the Rail Trail runs between Dartnall and Nebo Roads; cutting between garden centre back lots and industrial estates.  Not as quiet as the other trail portions and at one point, the Four Acres Farm supply property rears up on the right (below) but has nothing to say for itself.


Time of year when everything is drained of colour and there’s no sign of buds.  Things looked rather washed out.  Brilliant sunshine, though.  Hedgerows teeming with wildlife as the birds made an appearance in the last three days.

Easy to manage, well drained path.  A few cyclists and evidence of many horses.

Finally got up close and personal with the derelict silos.  Spied them many moons ago and, expecting to find the remains of something or someone long dead, came upon only a rather unenthusiastic attempt at graffiti-a miniature swastika.   How very original. 

The creek bed on the left looks man-made; an attempt at water management but the creek on the right may be a tributary to the Red Hill.

The former Country Depot, now Home Hardware.  I’ve just wrapped up some painting projects and will be donating what’s left of the paint to Home Hardware so that the can finish painting the building.  They did the North, East and South sides when they took over the space, but didn’t feel the West side warranted a coat. Let’s finish the job.


Over the road to Mount Albion Conservation area.  Thistles in abundance.  There is both a paved path (heading North/South) and a gravel path(heading roughly East/West).  The South leg comes to an abrupt end and if it is your intention to try and cut through No Man’s Land to Rymal Road, good luck to you.  I know if I had attempted the descent into the South fields, I would have wound up literally crawling back to the car.  


Mystery sock #2.   Always find a random sock on the trails.

Things can get very boggy here and the water levels will rise to the height of the conservation sign (which you can just make out in the centre of the picture).  Dress appropriately or stay on the path in Spring.  Note to self-park the vehicle at the Dartnall Road entrance.


Lots of wildlife and birdhouses and perches of various shapes and sizes. No birders today, though.


Allow two hours for a complete walk of the trail, conservation area and the adjacent cemetery, St. George’s.  Stones dating back to mid 19th c.