Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Foodie Pen Pal-April

It was a dark and stormy day...

...until my favourite postman came by bearing a skillfully decorated box of goodies. Full marks for presentation.  Emily sent me my first ever food parcel and I knew I would enjoy it. Emily is clearly a woman of many talents. 


I had just brewed a pot of tea to ward off the cold. I carefully opened the box so as not to disturb anything. The flap included a hand written recipe for Zucchini Sauce
the trove

What a treat! Tamari almonds, fragrant spices, ginger & pumpkin rice noodles, a Chakra Bar and a sampling of macaron from Toronto's Ruelo. I allowed myself one macaron; it was tea time after all. Tried the caramel & sea salt. Delicious. Haven’t had a macaron in years.They always seem to require such care and attention.

Fired up the espresso after dinner and indulged in the two remaining macaron.  I sent my compliments to the patisserie.  The rose/lychee/raspberry is rather nice.  I must say they travelled well.  I think next time I'm in Toronto, I will have to pay pilgrimage in order to try the other flavours-all of them!

the blueberry/lemon macaron

Took some almonds with Friday's cocktail hour.  Crisp and flavourful.


The granola bar is chock full of healthy ingredients.  A nice chewy bar; good mid-morning snack which was quite filling so it served me two days.  Yes, the ginger is potent!


I wrote that I love noodles and I enjoyed the Pumpkin & Ginger.  I had one portion for breakfast with eggs and the flavours do come through. (Not very pleased with my photo so it didn't make it here.) I will try the recipe Emily provided when the veggies are in-season. Looking forward to it.

I will incorporate the spices into my next chicken or shrimp dish.  The almonds would come in handy here, too.

Thank-you very much, Emily, for putting this package together and for your beverage pairing suggestions, too. 

Hope you enjoyed your treats as much as I did mine.

I had the opportunity to put together a parcel for CeeCee in BC.  You can find some of the details at WithinTheKitchen

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