Monday, 4 March 2013

Who says a Birthday has to last one day?

Or, my defense of a two week Birthday celebration. 

Much like Xmas cards, the steady trickle of Birthday cards in the mailbox brings pleasure to the recipient that a bill simply cannot hope to achieve.  As stated back in December, cards are worth the effort.

Another year on the clock but I feared a relapse.  The weather matched my mood and health. 
February 19  Cold and windy day; snow late PM.  The deep ache of early flu settled across the shoulders.  Abandoned the work out in favour of my blanket, a good book and herbal tea.  (Do I know how to live?)  Amused myself with a little Apartment Therapy.  Everyone in raptures today over the concept of the sink bowl.  Basically, you get yourself a container of some kind and use it to collect your vegetable peelings and so forth.  Site regulars in awe of this “new” concept and have gone to great lengths to adorn their sinks with high end glassware for the sole purpose of temporarily housing used tea bags and table scraps.  It is now regarded as avant garde to keep a used margarine container on the counter. Someone was channelling my thoughts and reminded the dear readership that this is a compost bucket and nothing else.  And, could they not take the scraps and put them directly into the garbage pail?  Sheep are everywhere.

February 20  Cold with flurries.  Birthday mode kicked into high gear.  Three cards in the mailbox.  No time to take in the aches and pains.  Day two of no proper lunch. Society frowns on lunch.  Instant gratification demands answers and the noon hour be damned!

February 21  Cold weather alert.  SO VERY TIRED. No lunch hour.   Took an Horlicks to take the edge off the cold and nearly knocked myself out.  Turns out the Horlicks is manufactured in Taiwan.  Whatever happened to UK point of origin?  Collapsed into bed and, despite the aching, I passed out from the exhaustion.
Quote found on myback40feet:  It is in our nature to be generous but thinking about it makes us selfish.  How very true.

February 22  Snow and freezing rain.  UGH. I was on tenterhooks.  Is this the shape of things to come? Is the 23rd to be characterized by sore throat, aches and sleep deprivation?  Will I in fact see tomorrow?  Took a bowl of Vietnamese rare beef soup to ward off the coming plague.  Pho Mai on Stone Church  was doing a brisk noon hour trade.  Extremely busy menu and, unless you’re a regular, I recommend starting with the basics.  Cat fish figuring prominently.  Dosed myself with an early evening cocktail for medicinal purposes but it lacked that je ne sais quoi.  Perused Ranch Dressing .  As fine a job as the shadow box was, I think I would hang the antique ornaments on an Xmas tree.

February 23.  Overcast and cold.  Not an auspicious start to the day.  Cold seems to be in full swing. The Pater called with BD wishes. Had to abandon dinner plans.  It was to have been an Indian extravaganza ~The Full Monty.  Instead I nursed my cold and ate leftovers.  The humanity! Took a single malt-for medicinal purposes. 

Finished The Sisters Brothers.  I cannot say enough about his book.  A few lines:
My touching Charlie’s arm like this would never have happened when it was attached and as such I blushed from the foreignness of it (pg. 311)
It must not have been that I loved the bookkeeper but that I loved the idea of her loving me and the idea of not being alone(pg 304)

As seen this week on a package of staples :  Caution-staples have sharp points.
In-store point of purchase:  Turn unit to face customer.  And then, Turn unit to face cashier. 
Are we simpletons? No.

February 24  Sun trying to emerge.  Cold.  The Pater arrived bearing gifts.  Gifts wrapped, I may add, in Xmas paper.  My first thought was that they had just been unearthed from a forgotten December stash. Now in possession of appropriately sized glassware for the sticky rice and shrimp cocktail dishes.  No need for the booster seats. Capped of the day by finally putting the knob back on the bathroom door.  Naturally the screwdriver slipped and sliced into the fresh paintwork taking a sheet of paint with it. Alas.

And so, I was determined to mine this past week for all it was worth in an effort to stave off an early death. 

February 25 Bit of sun.  LONG DAY.  I am now in possession of my next experimental dessert-Coffee Parfait a la Ginger Rogers courtesy of Silver Screen Suppers Went with a Mediterranean diet in an effort to fortify myself.  The Pater firmly believes in a daily ration of animal fat and the more bacon on your plate the merrier.  I chose vegetables, olive oil and fish.  Did not have the desired effect.

February 26  Wind and freezing rain.  20 cm on the horizon.  Thought it was Wednesday.  Disappointed with reality.  The Widget Maker brought me a latte.  No lunch hour, again. Euphoria all but gone by 18:00  Took the workout but could barely keep moving after the half hour point.  Perhaps I should have gone with a bit of streaky bacon?  Ominous sign as I left the parking lot.  The parking and street lights went out and stayed out.  A stampless Birthday Card was waiting for me in the mailbox.  Well done Canada Post.  Bed, early again.

February 27 Snow, drizzle and slush.  Definitely Wednesday.  Deep aching, tired.  Straight to bed at 17:00
February 28  Early flurries.  Abandoned a day of Widget Making.  Drank copious amounts of herbal tea.  SO VERY TIRED.  On more intimate terms with the WC than usual.  Burned the fever off.  Extreme appetite. 

What happens on Mondays that brings me so low on Tuesdays? 

March 1 Sunny, cold.  TIRED but persevered.  An unopened piece of mail sat waiting for my return.  I cried out, “Am I the only person capable of opening mail?”  Staggering appetite.  Ate like a returning champion at a hot dog eating contest.  Finished the Trollope. Think I’ve had my fill of marriage exposee for a while.  Could Trollope not have had the flaky one head off to Scotland with the groundskeeper?   Broke free of the cube for a wee jaunt into the countryside.  Wee being 10 minutes.   Found a crumbling farm yard and the cattle were out on Dickenson Road.  They looked like woolly mammoths compared to this past Fall. Wild turkeys reached the South side of the hill.  Same trek every day.  Early morning start on the North side taking in the afternoon sun by noon.
Putting things in writing is dangerous business.  How you’ve meant things to be read and how it’s actually read are two very different things.  Corporate email clearly illustrates that there is no room for comedy which is too bad because we,  all of us, need a little levity in an otherwise dull day. But later, Coke bust in the neighbourhood!  News at 11:00   Yes, never a dull moment for the locals. 
Distressing read on the South African business.  Apartheid alive and well.   

March 2  Overcast, few flurries. 6AM-the lone dove sat cooing to an unseen partner.  I wondered if they’d set up nest in the drain pipe.  Spied tulips and daffodils making their way out of the cold earth.  We are how far away from Spring?  It was decided that after an early night, a lie in and an afternoon nap that dinner plans would finally come to fruition.  The Gate of India was the destination of choice.  We went with the works~bhaji, samosa, Mulligatawny and Dall soup, Tandoor chicken and tikki masala, gulab jaman, kulfi and chai.  Excellent dinner.  World’s smallest cocktail glass and if it hadn’t been pointed out to me I would never have known my martini was on the table.

So you see it's good to take your time with Birthdays.  Take a week, take two if it pleases you. 

March 3 Sunny, cold.  Sunday wind down mode.  Sam opened the grocery store and I was inspired to cook. I chose a birthday cake, of course. Wachtel interview with George Saunders.  Humans as lawn ornaments.  Hmm.  Putting The Semplica Girl Diaries on the reading list.

10 PM  Is that a tickle in the throat??