Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's official...

My only regret is that I'll have to start shaving my legs again.
Oh, was I thinking out loud there?
Keen frost to scrape off the car this AM. (-15 C), snow, and more snow in the forecast.  Yes, it's spring time in Ontario.  This time last year we had a balmy 25C. 
As we wait for the garden to bloom, we got excited about the pot plant in the foyer (it's been a slow week).  Beyond the violets, we've never had anything flower before.  Until now.  The lowly specimen below needed some sun and it has thrived over the last twelve months becoming a veritable mini jungle.


And lo, tiny green buds did appear...
And the green buds grew and turned yellow...

We're on tenterhooks.
Actually, I'm the only one on tenterhooks.  Nobody else has noticed.
It's not so much the weather, but the talking about it; the complaining about it.  Even today.  Brilliant sunshine but some unable to get past the temperature. Get outside and enjoy it.  Come back with something new to talk about!

Fled the cubicle yesterday for the First Day of Spring and found a quiet spot overlooking a farmer's field.  Broke bread with Bach-the Cello Suite # 1.  Ahhh.  Followed by Satie-solo piano and Steve Reid-Duet.  A fine trio of music.  It was a passing policeman who pulled up beside me this time.  Just checking there were no issues.  With Bach? Never.  The Rite of Spring was a given.  Thank-you, Tom.

Your task for today?  At some point, leave your building and take in the Spring weather.