Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Doctor Is IN

For those with issues, I'll be offering withdrawal support services a la Lucy of Charlie Brown fame. (Of course, the rates have gone up.) Group sessions available.

I'll be discussing:

~the ON button is also the OFF button.

~the concept of the queue and how to join one

~trust 101; we will call you back

~recognising the land line as a legitimate tool

~how to spot when your call has gone long; that hour long call where you repeated the same 5 minute conversation over and over again in the restaurant is not welcomed on a lunch hour

~how not to broadcast calls; this is not tin cans and a length of string-you don't have to speak up

~tips on how not to telephone your contact within five minutes of sending an email to find out if they're working on said email or have in fact, miraculously, completed your request

~how not to ignore internal calls while you juggle call-waiting on your cell

~that delayed gratification is so much sweeter than instant

~that it's always better to let people get their coat off and get comfortable before you bombard them with questions or comments

~tips on accepting that there is no one to take your call at this point in time; it's OK to leave a message; see trust 101

~that meeting we mentioned? it's legitimate and calling the cell will not get you a faster answer-only voice mail

~how to recognize that the person answering the phone may just be able to help you thus negating the need to call a cell to source an answer

Thought for the day: Spare yourself the gadgets and spare the rest of us too.

Try the following:

The January Cure from apartmenttherapy No need to own an apartment.  And it's only a weekend, people.  Naturally being the anachronist I am, I'm just getting to January 1st now.

To quote from the site:

While you may find it uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first, you will inevitably find yourself with time that is unfilled and now yours to spend in new ways.