Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Crossing Borders With Cheez Whiz

What's in the box?
Cheez Whiz, again?  You can't be serious.

Adventures in caker land continue anew.  I heard from Jenny who writes from  in the UK which is a blog devoted to recipes of the stars.  Stars, as you would obviously expect, from the silver screen era.  This is a very nicely designed blog and good fun.

What was absent from Jenny's English pantry?  Cheez Whiz.  Mr. Francis' had peaked her curiosity.  I proposed a trade.  Most UK products are available locally but one thing that has been discontinued here is the Luxury line of Baxters Soup.  I was after a tin of Highland Game. Who amongst us does not like a little wood pigeon in their soup?

I'm sure you've seen Baxters on the store shelves but the Luxury offers a little bit of decadence for a first course.  Smoked Haddock (sold under the name, Cullen Skink) or Stilton & Broccoli amongst others. I believe the Lobster Bisque is still availabe.

So the parcel has been shipped and we'll see what Canada Post and The Royal Mail can do.
Will I be opening a tin of Luxury next year or will I be out in the woods, clad in camouflage, hunting pheasant, partridge and grouse for my own creation?