Friday, 2 November 2012

Tour of the Neighbourhood-Miles & Chippawa

"...and wet flurries for Friday..."
Respite from the rain as the sun graced us with its presence. I was getting a little tired of the weather talk.  Miles Road and Chippawa Road is about as far as I can get on the noon hour without getting fired.   

Took White Church Road and found Case Church.  The Church would welcome anyone with a green thumb as most of the building is covered with overgrown shrubbery and trees.

It has a rather idyllic cemetery overlooking a neighbouring farm. 
Not too keen on what they've done with the more delicate stones.  They're secured to the back of the church but it seems a bit "11th hour".
Continue on White Church and over the bridge to Miles Road.  Miles Road is where you pick up the next portion of the Chippawa Trail.  The train used to run under the bridge. Much more open trail here and a portion of it runs quite close to the road.
Across the road is the "creepy" barn I wrote about.  It sits isolated at the back of a big farmyard.  Something that has to be seen in person and a little later in the day to get the 'soulless black eyes' effect.  Maybe it's just me. 
Spied a lone hawk in the trees.
Down Miles and cross Chippawa.
A hill on the landscape.  Think it's the only one I've seen up here.  The fields had been freshly ploughed.

Looped around the block and came North via Tyneside.  This is a reasonably quiet road for walking/biking/whatever.
Waiting for the little outhouse on the right to crumble.
Heard the Widget Maker's bell calling me in. Down Miles again and cross English Church Road. Don't get confused between this one and White Church or as I keep calling it, White Chapel Road. English Church comes to a dead end heading East and is very picturesque.