Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tour of the Neighbourhood-Chippawa-Dickenson Road

"If I could walk midday, I'd be a happy man."
  Leonard to Virginia in The Hours
Or in this case a happy woman.


Started at Dickenson Road this time.  Brilliant sunshine with a slight nip in the air.  Corn ageing in the fields; horses wrapped up in their colourful plaid and striped coats.  Following their lead, I layered up and set out.

A little construction on Nebo so be prepared to wait for the signal men.  One of the guys appeared to be waist deep in the marshy depths of the roadside.

A few feet down the road and a very different walk from the Nebo portion.  Farms and gardens on either side of the trail.   Further in land heading South West.

Overgrown hedgerows and the vines have gone wild; grapes hanging heavy.  Vines growing through anything in their way. Ice wine in the offing?

A couple of bird's nests visible now the leaves have gone.  A lone Blue Jay flitting from tree to tree.  Hawks flying overhead.  Although from the size of them and their height, they probably considered me lunch.

Farm country at Dickenson which is nice to see. Some of the fields ploughed and ready for next season.
No reeds here but this kind of seed head is just as dangerous.


Old power lines standing like crucifixes along the path.  Very Emily Carr.  Hers were totem poles though, not crosses.

No watch on the wrist and really no desire to turn around and find the car. 
Why do Widget Makers keep such regimented hours?