Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tour of the Neighbourhood-Airport Road

"We should work but one day a week and take the other six to enjoy the glory that is nature."   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank-you Ralph.

Found the key to my shackles and broke free from the cube to take advantage of the 24 C weather.  A welcome relief after two days of thick fog and drizzle.  Like the birds, I'm heading further South as the days go by.  It was June '11 when I last passed this way.

Here's a shot from last June.  It's a little fuzzy as it was taken well past sunset. Liked the dark, creepy windows. Perhaps we'll have a "scary barn" post for Halloween. There's one 'round the corner from here that would make a great movie set. It's a little daunting even during the day.

And here's the same spot now.
Will have to find out when the barn came down.  Lot of wind recently, but, this was a fragile structure and would not have taken much to bring it down.  I have great affection for barns and farmyards. 
Signage at this part of the trail is still in progress.  A few walkers with their pets and someone on horseback even though the picture suggests the trail was devoid of human life. The sun did emerge.  A shirtless runner warming up.  I thought his car was stuck but those were push ups he was doing. Was it 'no shirt' weather? Apparently so.

Question.  Should we have a scoop policy for horses?  It's the same principle, no?
Old woods feel.   Nature shutting down, but, a splash of colour here and there.  Which painter used the little strokes of colour?  Turner?  Constable?   I'm going with Turner; someone will correct me.

Deep farm country.  More open views on this leg and a snicket into the farmer's field.

Took a sun bath on the way back.  Returned refreshed and ready to face the second half of the day.  Note to self:  next year, take some vacation days in October.

Next stop:  White Church Road- there must be a graveyard around here somewhere.