Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Remains of the Day

People, People, People.
Let us not panic.  We have merely experienced a few degrees drop in temperature.
This is not The Rapture.  Repeat, not The Rapture.

Asked someone what they'd done on the weekend.
They replied, "Nothing, it was too cold."
Response to the weekend before that, "Nothing, it was too miserable."

Challenging times, yes.  Sunrise at nearly 7:20 and gone for 19:00.  Should we be hibernating yet?  No.

In this, our second week of Autumn, may I offer some suggestions on taking advantage of this time of year? Capture the dying light of day, the sunrise, the noon hour.  Do this Monday to Friday. Take some time after being cubicalized all day.  Sit outside, take a walk 'round the block.

Mix and match any of the following items and use them to your advantage.  Be smart enough to realize that by adding layers, you can be quite comfortable in October.  As the temperature drops, change from a cold beverage to a hot beverage.



Find a chair; watch and wait. Note the changing colours in the sky as the sun sets. If you cannot see the sun/sunset anymore, look at the stars.  Listen to night sounds.

Some of the things you may be missing if you close the front door too hastily:

There will come a time when you'll make the dash from the car to the house and be grateful to be inside.   But, not yet.