Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Ginger Restaurant~Niagara on the Lake

Did promise I would write about this restaurant and here we are.  Although, after sending my compliments to the restaurant, I was asked to post on Trip Advisor.  Why do we have go to these sources?  Can we not just take pot luck on something?  I always say it's enough that I've told you about it; you don't need six other opinions.  As with anywhere, you should always take a second trip and then make up your mind.

I was swapping restaurant recommendations recently and the crowd wanted to know where to go in Niagara on the Lake.

I've visited The Ginger on two previous occasions.  It is located at  390 Mary St.  in front of The Orchid Inn.  Heading North down Mississauga Road, turn left at the Tim Horton's and it's just at the bend in the road.

The Ginger is located a few blocks out of the NOTL core. Not a tourist trap. Well patronized by the locals so if you have had enough of battling the crowds, give it a try.

Asian Fusion vein of cooking.  Small menus for starter and mains.  Three desserts; all made from scratch. Vegetarian choice on each menu.

The restaurant is small and reservations are recommended.  I'm pre-theatre so it's always very quiet at 5PM. Tablecloth? Yes.  Cloth napkin? Yes.    Don't like this trend in better restaurants to plastic, picnic table style cloths.  The Trip Advisor pic does nothing for the restaurant.  Don't go by the reviewer photos. (One reviewer had nothing critical to say but did take the place to task about why there were no baskets of bread.  I ask you.  It is not an obligation to present bread baskets.  And this is not the type of restaurant that does bread.  If you have only positive comments don't reach for something that doesn't make sense.)

Black and white photography on the walls; very clean lines.  Service is prompt.  The host checks in on you during dinner but what I like is that you're pretty much left alone to enjoy your meal.  I cannot abide the constant badgering at some places.  How can I comment on the dinner if I haven't had a chance to eat it?  I do not need to be asked, "How is everything?"  each and every ten minutes.  We don't take enough time with our food these days.  Most of us are too busy shovelling it in.  Slow down and enjoy.

First visit went with the spring rolls and the coconut chicken.  Crisp, hot rolls and a very generous curry with lots of chicken and rice.  Very tasty.

Second meal was gazpacho followed by breast of duck with raspberry(no cherries-hurrah!), parsnip puree and roast potatoes.  Delicious.

Scratch desserts include mousse and creme brulee.  There's always room for dessert.  Recommend the mousse.

Menu items change so look upon this as an opportunity to find another favourite dish.  Please consider The Ginger when you're next in the Niagara region.