Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shaw Festival-September/October

Further to my recommendation on Come Back, Little Sheba by William Inge.

Talking to someone recently about the Shaw Fest and they said they always been meaning to go and that "one day"  the "right" play will entice them to go.
What they are looking/waiting for, I'm not sure. They did not elaborate at the time.  If you cannot find something on this season's playbill to suit then you either haven't been looking or clearly you have some issues.

Allow me to recommend the following:

The Millionairess by the great man himself, Shaw.
Directed by Blair Williams who is a fine actor when he's on stage.  Hope we'll see him next season.
A good comedy with (as with all Shaw plays) hidden depths.
Great fun.

Hedda Gabler by Ibsen.
Directed by Martha Henry so you cannot go wrong here.  (If you are looking for elocution lessons, Ms. Henry is your go-to.)
Some nasty characters you can sink your teeth into.
Anything with Mary Haney is a good pick.

(Editor's note-Don't be afraid of Ibsen!)

A Man and Some Women by Sowerby.
A very good playwright.
Directed by Jackie Maxwell.
Another nasty character whose neck you want to wring (his wife, not Ms. Maxwell).
Little surprise at the end.

Now the picking is done for you, get out and support live theatre.