Thursday, 27 September 2012

Perth County-Culture & Corn -Day Two

By popular demand, breakfast has been pushed back to 9AM.  A much more civilized time.
Juice, yogurt & berries, scratch quiche, carrot, chocolate & spice cakes, melon, tea and coffee.  There is no need for lunch with this kind of breakfast.

Mixed crowd this morning-Windsor, Ottawa, Montreal and Barrie.  Great anticipation-Maggie Smith was in town to see "Hirsch".  One of the guests knows someone who knows someone who's in the know.  Will there be a rush at the box office?

Those that saw The Matchmaker didn't care for it.  Too farcical, too much slapstick.  To each his own.  I thought it was good fun.  Go see the Greeks or Macbeth if you want high drama. (Although, I'm still reeling from the last production of Macbeth-set in Africa of all places.  It's hard to suspend disbelief when a character cries out "Scotland! Oh, Scotland!" and he's in the middle of the Savannah.  I was accused of being a purist.  I'm all for modernization but let's start with modern day Scotland and go from there.  My favourite play from last season is Twelfth Night. It didn't have a set period.  One character wore a codpiece and tights, John Lennon delivered a pizza and so on.) We swapped notes on what to see, where to eat, where we've been and where we're going.

Mobilized and walked down to Stage Books for a browse.  Spied a Russell Smith and Elizabeth David-more about her kitchen in a future post.   Looking for Tom Stoppard and Harold Pinter collections.  Like Rushdie, Stoppard has a voice you could listen to for hours(and not too shabby an author).  To do the shop properly, you will need to give yourself plenty of time. Bring a list with you.

Booked High Tea at Harry Ten Schilling.  Highly recommend this spot.  Fresh scones with double cream; cheese & homemade chutney, egg, tomato & cucumber sandwiches.  Six pastries and a pot of custard topped with a nasturtium flower and berries.  Good selection of teas.

Down to the Shakespeare Gardens which seems to be maintained by one highly motivated person.  I secured a spot and tackled the crossword.  This is the year to master the New York Times (in pen).  Meandered along the river to the War Memorial.  Ducks, white geese and swans quietly going about their business when Jackson, a lunatic child of about six, broke free from his family and ran along the riverbank, roaring and screeching at them; once, twice, three times.  The peace was shattered.  The birds flew away.


Called in at Distinctly Tea.  Three hundred varieties of loose tea; sommeliers on staff. Recommend Rose Conguu, Buckingham Palace, Earl Grey Royale and Keemun Imperial amongst about twenty or so other favourites.

Questioning whether the town hall is the "old" town hall?  Way too many teenagers hanging out for Council space.  Truancy rates must have gone through the roof.

Afternoon Tea was amusing.  Arrived after the pre-show rush.  Two couples came in after me but the husbands fancied the pub next door after they found out the room wasn't licensed.  Restaurant was empty but the women chose the table next to me.  I'm not antisocial but given that they had the choice of any table in the place and picked one that was a foot away from me, I was a touch put out.  They were loud.  They wanted to know what brand of tea they were drinking.  "You know, like Tetley?"  This is fine, loose tea; it does not come in a brand. One didn't get her milk immediately and got pouty. "But, my tea is getting cold."  I hate to break it to you but milk chills tea.   They wanted more cream for the scone, they wanted more water for the pot.  "Oh, it's weak."  Yes, because you've already taken the strength out of it in the first pot.  The proprietor handled it well.  Obviously I didn't.  The husbands showed up and off they went (interestingly, the women wouldn't pay; they waited for the men even though they had cash and plastic on them).  I was curious to know where they were going for dinner because I'd like to see how the two of them coped with a full dinner menu.

I'd become wedged in my seat from the all the pastries. Another walk was in order. Took the shortbread home for the apres theatre.  Dropped off the day's collection at the B & B and set off for the opposite end of the lake.  Broke a sweat and by the time I got there the ink had leached off the pages of my magazine.  From the look of my arms I'd either been on the receiving end of a bad tattoo job or just coming off years of heroin addiction. 

Terraced gardens and ponds at the Theatre.  Everyone thrilled with the Autumn Croci-just like the Spring ones only pink and much bigger.

Some fine houses in the area.  Beautiful detailing which you don't see in a modern home.  Watched the swans for a bit-won't be long before they'll be taken off the water to their Winter home.  Jackson did not make a second appearance.  Small mercies.

On to  Balzac's for a Parisian Mist.  Juan Chioran and Nigel Bennett taking coffee.  It's good that actors can sip a latte and hang out.

Rinsed off the ink and spruced myself up.  Off to the Studio Theatre for Best Brothers. Two men dealing with the sudden death of their Mother.  Excellent comedy but also very poignant.  This was the world premiere so do look for it in your neighbourhood.  I'd only seen MacIvor in "The Five Senses" and had no idea he had so much writing behind him.  Loved the staging.

Planned the route for Day 3, ate the shortbread and mixed myself a small G & T.  Did you think I'd forgotten to bring the Bombay?