Monday, 17 September 2012

People Watching-Small Town Ontario-Apple Country

Cobourg-Rice Lake-Port Hope

Up early and down to the common room for breakfast.  Cold juice!!  No newspaper, no eggs, no tea biscuits; world's smallest muffins.  Snoozed and fired up the coffee.  Chef Michael Smith this AM-love his kitchen.

Found that the bill had been shoved under the door in the middle of the night.  Please don't process the bill until it's time to do so.  Same assistant manager on duty as last night which puts her at an 18hr day-is she 24/7 or is she have a doppelganger?

Underestimated the length of time to load the car.  The doppelganger called down to the room-I hadn't returned the key by 11:00. She called housekeeping on the cell-where was I?  Where they going to send a search party out for me?  Made my way to the front desk.  I ask if it's customary to shove the bill under the door.  No pleasantries were exchanged.  Drive from Trenton to Coburg and the hotel service changes like night and day.

Downtown Cobourg.  I was on a mission.  I had driven from Hamilton with 26 empty wine bottles in the trunk.  Don't go to the beer store as a rule so it's either hoard bottles or forego the deposit and let the little man on the bicycle collect the returns.


Downtown Cobourg must have the largest number of coffee shops per capita.  It's your fault if you cannot find a decent beverage.  I like Human Bean.  Wandered through the antique stores. Enjoyed Antique Market Place.  Man looking for typewriters and a couple of women unloading a pick-up entertaining notions of Antique Roadshow finds.  Went home rather disappointed with a price of $60 on the mirror.  "But it's antique!"  The proprietor reminded them that antique does not necessarily translate into dollars.  Demand and rarity.  I spied a rather nice teapot and Depression era dessert dishes.

Usual suspects in the core including Nessie's which specializes in British imports.  Picked up a bottle of avocado oil from A Matter of Taste to add to the collection.

Cobourg has a good beach area (clean, groomed sand), marina, boardwalk, lighthouse, farmers' market and a gallery located at the Victoria Hall.

The sun decided to make an appearance for a change.  So much easier without the burden of the umbrella and galoshes.
Headed Northwest to Roseneath sans coffee.  If you make the pilgrimage make sure to visit the historic Carousel and make sure it's a Sunday afternoon. 
Dropped down #18 to Harwood.  #18 skirts Rice Lake as far as Gores Landing. Most of the land is occupied by camp sites and cottages but every once in a while, the lake appears.
Approaching tea time and called at The Victorian Inn.  Naturally, it was closed for a private function.  The inn offers B & B, lunch and dinner in a very pleasant setting.  My advice?  Call ahead.
Took a side road North to the lakefront to take in the view.  Not a parking zone but someone decided to park anyway thus rendering my three point turn damn nigh impossible.  I chose to speak up this time.  Perplexed, the driver was unable to rationalize his decision making.
#18 goes South and you will pick up #9 to Bewdley-tip of the lake. #9 is busy so take a lesser travelled line road if you can't handle the traffic. Bewdley clearly gets the crowds because the parking seemed a little excessive for such a small spot. Lots of boating.  Spied a pizza shack and a roadhouse-The Hippo? No, The Rhino Roadhouse. Decide to hold out until dinner. 
Storm clouds brewing at this point.
#28 to Port Hope.  Second visit which was more to remind me of what was there.  Bigger than I remembered.  Try to schedule yourselves around The Jazz Festival in September or live theatre at The Capitol.  Decide on a driving tour of Orchard Country which took in the gates of the former Massey House, the Farrely House and the Farini House-famous tightrope walker.
Favourite spot?  Heading South after the Farrely House crossing the Ganaraska River.
Then came the rains and it was time to find the 401 and prepare for the approach to Oshawa and reality.