Sunday, 16 September 2012

People Watching-Small Town Ontario-PEC to Cobourg

Prince Edward County/Brighton/Cobourg

Up early and scrambled for the juice, milk and eggs; popped them in the fridge and back to bed for an hour.  Snoozing is a perfectly respectable past time.  Cooking with a Tandoor on the Food Network.  Love tandoor chicken.  Please use an oven glove if you're trying the naan at home.
Very leisurely breakfast. Checkout smooth-very pleasant staff; makes a change.

Day two on PEC.  Rain, as per usual.  The North seems to favour the monied set.  Stately homes overlooking the Bay of Quinte.  Try the detour on Old Orchard Road.

Heavy rain at Rednersville.  The Old Country Store barely visible through the drops. Another bit of farm heaven.

Turned South at Rossmore down #62.  High tea is available in Belleville so it's now or never at this point. 

Are the skies actually clearing?  Hot and humid in Picton.  After a round in the kitchen stores (enjoyed Cookes-sauces, coffee beans, teas) on to The Buddha Dog.

As a rule, I would not normally indulge in such fare but this is real sausage from local meat, local cheese and locally sourced ingredients for the sauces.  Family owned business.  Enjoyed the county map on the wall-a black board listing farms and wineries.  The boy was tidying up and returned a chair to my table.  His father chastised him for inconveniencing me.  Had planned to try Currah's this time around but with ice cream looming saved it for next time.  Next door is The Bean Counter-good coffee, homemade ice cream; lunch is available.

Did not do the winery route on this trip.  Last time picked up some nice wines from Huff Estates, Sandbanks and Closson Chase. Enjoyed The Grange-nice rustic setting; good Pinot Gris. 

Humidity persisted so took in Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love" and was reminded why I don't go to the movies.  Crinkle of popcorn bags, rustle of candy wrapping and so on.  Big Woody Allen fan and enjoyed this one.  It is unusual seeing Euro-Woody.  So used to Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters.  Have to follow the money.

The Regent Theatre hosts both movies and live show.  Last time on PEC it was "Inglorious Basterds".  We all enjoyed that.

Lots of crowds-the Eastern version of Niagara on the Lake.  The Copper Kettle for ice cream-try the spun toffee.  The Kettle make chocolate bars, truffles and ice cream.  Do not recommend the chocolate-too many ingredients.  Better to indulge in a small piece of good quality chocolate than a whole bar of sub par fare. The truffles were rather nice, though.

Beware the intersection  at #8 / #7.  If you're looking for a view, try # 7.  Turn West to take in the Lake on the Mountain.

Left town via Hwy #4 this time to #62 and crossed on Burr Road to escape the traffic.  On to Cobourg via #2.  Exhaustion setting in-lost another two hours.  The G & T calls.


Icy reception from the Assistant Manager at the second hotel.  No name tags here, no uniforms,  no complimentary Toronto Star.  No welcome feeling at all.  Got an adjoining room at the end of the corridor by the stairwell.  Time to break out the ear plugs.

Tonight it was Little Mosque on the Prairie which I'd never seen before (Mary Walsh guesting) and Michael.  Finally placed the girlfriend-Slings and Arrows which is one of the better series out there.