Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toasting Chestnuts- Wonder Boys

"You driving this car?
This 1966 maroon Ford Galaxy.
You driving this car?"

Curtis Hansen directs Wonder Boys.  I can't say enough about it-in steady rotation at the house.
Michael Douglas, Robert Downey Jr, Tobey Maguire and Frances McDormand.

"Word Fest" comes to town bringing together a professor, two of his students, an editor and various "characters"-Q, 'Vernon' and Antonia. 

One of the better soundtracks-Dylan, Lennon, Young.

Not greatly received when it first came out.  Why are people influenced by such things as a poster?  Add it to your list.


Grady Tripp-writer; tenured professor whose life is complicated by his editor, ex wife, lovestruck tenant and his lover, the Chancellor

James Leer-student and promising writer; hidden depths

Terry Crabtree-the editor

Sarah & Walter Gaskell-the Chancellor and her husband(Grady's boss)


Introduction to Vernon
Introduction to the jacket
Terry & Antonia descending the stairs
James at Emily's childhood home
First police visit
Porch scenes-AM/PM
Car scenes
Facial expressions-various.
Actual breath on a cold day-we don't often get that.  Failure of producers making Winter scenes in summer time- no breath.


I don't drink.  Normally.

Gather the two of you staged a raid on the Crabtree pharmacopoeia?
(Terry to Grady and Leer)

Would you mind explaining what you just did?
Came to my senses.
(Grady &  Crabtree)

So there it was.  A Manhattan editor was prowling the streets, best selling author at his side, dead dog in the trunk.

Don't think he needs sexual confusion to mix up the stew.
On the contrary, I think it might be just the ticket.
(Grady & Crabtree)

Do you owe him a book, too?
(Terry to Grady)

James, you're hung over. What do you think is the matter with you?

Thought you were a guy who didn't like to lose control of his emotions?
Maybe I just needed the moment to present itself.
(Grady to James)

She is a transvestite?
If she's not now, Terry'll make sure she is by the end of the evening.
(Sarah to Grady)

And so on.
Great film.