Monday, 25 June 2012

And you said there's nothing to do in Orangeville

Small town Ontario-what's left of it with the encroachment of endless housing tracts, strip malls and box stores-is a favourite run.  The mindset changes when you get out of the city.
The plan was Orangeville.  Many questioned the idea.

We found:

~gorgeous century properties and gardens
~live theatre
~clean streets with well maintained buildings
~walking tour of over 50 old trees that had been carved into unique sculptures
~downtown walking tour of the historic buildings
~shops catering to cooks, chocolate lovers, shoe fetishists, home decor enthusiasts, readers and collectors of art
~a good pub lunch
~Island Lake Conservation area-hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming and boardwalked wetland

Contrary to popular belief, you can spend the day in Orangeville.
NB:  bring your hiking shoes and rain gear.  You never know when a storm will blow in from the West!