Friday, 4 March 2016

Adieu, February.

Adieu, February. In no particular order.


Taking this and all future birthdays as a vacation day—this is the best decision, so far.

Indulging in an enormous Cake & Loaf hazelnut ├ęclair and having no guilt about it.

A stranger speaks in an urban coffee-shop

Family Day spent with family

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine at Soulpepper Theatre

Embracing winter tomatoes

A gift of Dillon’s gin

Revisiting Bleu—French windows

Amateur mixologists

Sighting of one neighbour-the rest remain in hibernation

A Winter’s Tale at Coal Mine Theatre~conversing with strangers in a cramped lobby

The stamina to sit through a trial and listen to how your husband was probably shot at close range; his bone fragments vacuumed up out of the incinerator for you

15-degree temperatures

Karl Nordstrom

News of AbFab reaches us

Salvaged meatballs at the bottom of the soup pot—an enormous coup

Bulbous whales

Susan Coyne’s Kingfisher Days

Aberdeen Tavern luncheon

Tequila in the afternoon

Barns in winter light


Cemeteries in winter light

…rotting plush of the rose bush...  BP Kelly

Harald Sohlberg

Worn granite


“Are you recording this conversation?”

Brock’s blanket

Plant therapy



Mr. Turner--what of the house-keeper?

Michael Winter’s Minister Without Porfolio~rooting for a fictional orange horse—willing it to bust out of that horse trailer

Spiced-chocolate pots & fresh cream

Crack of good chocolate

Molly Johnson with Mr. Botos at the piano

Spicy yellow-beet soup

Tank glassworks

Re-Reading bookstore

The farce that is the Primaries



Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Showing January The Door.

Lots of moaning and groaning from the masses about how crap January was.   Here are some positive notes.

New Year’s Full Monty breakfast with family

The moment when you nearly spend $445 on a night of Wagner

Crisp, clear, star-filled evenings

Planning theatre season

When the past comes to find you


Gift of vanilla, from away

Books that make you laugh and cry and frighten you all in one chapter

Vampires with a conscience

Someone offered up their space in the grocery line

Brown-butter cod

Tending new plants

The Thomson snuff bottles

Alisa Siegel docs

The minutiae of other people’s lives

Tabatha Southey columns

No significant snowfall, month #3

Duck sausage

Catharsis in the dental chair II

Mint-condition used books

Cauliflower frenzy

That people flock to an art gallery to look at Turner paintings

Warm chocolate-chip cookies at the Young Centre


European church bells playing Bowie


Scotch pies

Frederick and cookbooks

Palin Humour

Treated to lunch

The Galloway Giggle

Kathy Bates, who never disappoints

Harwood wine with pasta-the memory of Prince Edward County in a bottle

Fiery-pink morning skies

The legacy of actors and musicians

Toronto commute in under an hour-first time in a long time

Community activism


That $60 shirt I got for $15

January 31 and still steeped in Xmas atmosphere

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Resolutions-work in progress

Saskatoon- downtown wall

These include, but are not limited to:  Stratford, Shaw Fest, PEC, food moments, personal rants, books, and so on.
In progress...
#2  Sit up straight.  Have you seen your reflection in a storefront window, lately?
#3  Embrace the half-way point to fifty. (There is a novel waiting to happen.)
#4  Clear the backlog of books.
#5   Embrace the Taoist approach to commuting and the hours between 9 and 5. 

#5.5 Millennials can be challenging but there are ways to deal with them.

#5.5.1 It's all in the language of the Millennials.  Once you've mastered "awesome"    and "cool" and don't worry about the fact that the words have become meaningless, you can move on to "totes" and "adorbs".   Several weeks of therapy and self-medication later...

#  What of the people who are behaving like Millennials but are pushing forty?

#  Separate post need on Millennials.

#6  Cooking.  Indulge yourself in the kitchen. There really is no excuse.

#7  No Darwinism before noon. "What about the apes?" Over and over, again. It's a common ancestor, people.

#8  If they want to talk about hockey at the water-cooler, then let it be so.  No one wants to be cultured-accept this.

#9  See #4.  Have just bought two new books.

#10  Finish the patio project.

#11  Herbs

#12 Organize 45 years worth of photos.

#13  TBC

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Vincent Price~Treasury of Recipes~50th Anniversary Cookalong

I enjoy the idea of democratizing cooking and eating.  Bringing good food to your table in whatever form or scale is something we should all strive for.  It was Mr. Price’s philosophy that good food can be enjoyed by all and TREASURY OF GREAT RECIPES nicely encapsulates this thought.
To fully explore the Treasury anniversary, do please check out all the links within and below this post.  SILVER SCREEN SUPPERS is your go-to guide for the recipes and there you will find the link for this treasury cookalong.

We last visited Price during Halloween 2013 where we dined on bacon-wrapped liver while watching the House On Haunted Hill.  Cocktail hour remains an essential part of any gathering-even if murder is in the cards.

Brunch with Muffins a la Posada, Buckingham Eggs, & Mushrooms Marie-Victoire

I chose three dishes from the Treasury: Blueberry Muffins a la Posada, Buckingham Eggs, and Champignons Marie-Victoire.  Please visit AMAZON to pick up your copy and discover for yourself the passion for food that been illustrated through both the book and by Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers.  
It has become fashionable to frown on brunch but what better meal to share good food.  The leisurely pace of brunch allows company to appreciate the effort gone into even the simplest of dishes.


My reason for choosing muffins is that I’ve always felt intimidated by cake and pastry. Oh, the times a cake has been reduced to a leaden weight.  I was delighted with the results.  As luck would have it, I found the plumpest of berries.  Warm muffins and butter are a treat any time.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Too much butter”? Neither have I.  I embrace the mushroom, it is a beautiful vegetable.  Here I chose a meaty portobello. Glad to have the reminder about the grilling option. Credit to Ms. Hammerton for preparing this dish despite her reservations about mushrooms in general.

Finally, Buckingham Eggs.  As my father is fond of saying, “You can’t go wrong with cheese.”  I deviated slightly from the recipe in that I used minced anchovy in place of the paste.  Sadly I was looking for green onion to dress, but my local shops were all carrying pitiful, limp strips of green that I can only assume were Spring onion. Cream, eggs, cheese, and onion~delicious. We really enjoyed the texture and consistency.

What a delight to discover the many facets of Vincent Price.  Lots of information on all the news regarding the anniversary at  COOKING VINCENT .
Cheers to the 50th!

Vincent Price Treasury Cookalong with Silver Screen Suppers
Cooking With Vincent Website – for details of celebratory events in the USA 
Vincent Price Legacy Tour – for details of celebratory events in the UK
Amazon Page for the 50th Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes